Shatterprufe Saves Truck Driver’s Life


While driving in one of Cape Town’s suburbs, in the vicinity of Cape Town International Airport, at a speed of no more than 60km/h, an unknown individual threw a peace of concrete the size of an average man’s at a truck and hit the windscreen.

As the piece of concrete approached the windscreen, the driver closed his eyes and just hoped for the best, according to his story as retold to a PG Glass fitter. To the driver’s surprise, the rock had not fully passed through the Shatterprufe windscreen. Upon taking the truck in for a windscreen replacement, Shatterprufe deduced that, due to the fact that the rock was thrown in line with the driver, he was at risk of a more serious accident if it was not for the Shatterprufe windscreen glass that was already fitted in the truck.

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Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM