How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe during the Festive Season


Festive season is usually the time for giving…but unfortunately, some people see it as a time for taking. In order to avoid becoming a victim of crime during the festive season, you’ll need to take some precautions. Keep your car and those newly bought presents safe this Christmas with our top safety tips.


Be aware of accidental damage

Not all threats to your car over the festive season are from those with malicious intentions. However, the roads are busy, the malls area heaving with people doing Christmas shopping, and extended trading hours mean people are driving later at night than they might usually.

Shopping trolleys and other cars are some of your biggest threats. Try to park a little further away from the entrances and at the end of a row, which decreases your chances of someone banging your car as they reach or get into theirs, and gives you a little bit of extra room to manoeuvre with all your bags and trolleys!

Minimise damage from the elements

Our festive season falls right in the middle of summer, which means your cars are being parked outside every day. The sun can damage and crack your dashboard if your car is exposed to direct sunlight often. One way to prevent this is by putting a reflective guard behind your windscreen glass.

You also need to be wary of hail damage. Obviously, not parking at a shopping centre or restaurant with outdoor parking if a storm looks imminent is one option. If this is unavoidable though, your windscreen might be at risk, leading to a costly windscreen replacement. Shatterprufe glass stands up to hail well, and can be fitted to over 700 vehicles.

Keep your gifts out of view

If you’ve bought gifts, they can be a tempting prospect for opportunistic thieves. If the gifts can be seen through the windows or windscreen, they are at risk. Instead, put them straight in the boot of your car and lock the doors. You’ll reduce your chances of having your car broken into and gifts stolen. On top of that, a car with broken windows is a much easier target for theft or hijacking, so you really want to avoid having your windows smashed. The less obvious your splurges are, the less risk you’re at. Remember to do the same with your handbag whenever you’re driving!

Be vigilant at all times

A large amount of vehicle safety depends on you taking sensible precautions both when driving and when leaving your car somewhere. Here are some precautions we recommend you take:

  • It may seem obvious, but do not get into your car and fiddle around or answer messages on your phone. Get in, lock the doors, and drive off immediately.
  • Always manually check your car’s doors have actually locked after pressing the lock button. Remote jamming is a reality, and insurers often won’t cover cars if they can prove that you were a victim of remote jamming.
  • Try to park in secure, well-lit areas with supervision or controlled access, particularly at night.



How to keep your vehicle safe

Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM