Auto Glass Solutions for the Commercial and Aftermarket Industry

The glass in your vehicle does more than just provide a portal to the outside world. It maintains your vehicle’s structural integrity, shields you from environmental conditions and debris and ensures that you have a consistently unobstructed view. Shatterprufe® manufactures and supplies windscreens, rear glass and side glass that has passed stringent tests and exceeded SABS standards.

Our auto glass serves multiple purposes for the commercial and passenger vehicle industry and requires unique manufacturing processes to produce different types of glass. Shatterprufe® has spent over 75 years perfecting our auto glass products to enhance clarity, durability and protection. Contact us today and find out more about the leading commercial supplier of auto glass for your fleet.

Our Range of Auto Glass Products

Our auto glass products are specifically designed to perform at the upper limits of both safety and efficiency. We have created internationally recognised, world-class solutions for the automobile industry using the highest grade materials.

  • Shatterprufe® Windscreens – Our brand-name laminated auto glass. Designed specifically to provide you with one of the safest windscreens on the road today.
  • Armourplate® Glass – Our toughened glass product. 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, this strong, safe product is perfect for automotive rear glass and side glass
  • Safevue® Windscreens – Safevue is an affordable option which is aimed at the cash strapped motorist needing a windscreen replacement.

Find accredited auto glass fitters and get the market’s leading auto glass brand. Don’t compromise on safety. Danger Is Out There – Keep It That Way.