Building a Sustainable Environment for the Future

PG Group and its divisions acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the beauty and health of our environment. More importantly, we have identified that through a consistent effort we can make a difference. The Shatterprufe windscreen recycling programme was initiated in 2005 to make an impact.

By recycling Shatterprufe windscreens, we have drastically reduced the load on our landfills, one of the most significant contributors to environmental damage. These recycled windscreens contribute to the creation of a variety of other secondary products. This in turn reduces pollution generated in the manufacturing process, which assists further to create a more environmentally sustainable production process.

This is what we achieved in 2013 alone:


We have put multiple processes in place to ensure the safe, sustainable recycling of our windscreens to greatly reduce the impact the manufacturing and disposal of our products has on the environment.

Since 2005 when we started on the road to a healthy environment, we have:

  • Recycled 2,512,937 windscreens
  • Prevented the emission of 10,673 tonnes of CO2
  • Saved approximately 490,183 trees

Everyone plays a part to keep this country beautiful and we believe that our actions should help conserve that which makes us proud to be South African. We will continually strive towards sustainable products and innovative processes that provide the best for you and the environment.