Shatterprufe Lifetime Warranty

Shatterprufe is a world-renown brand for the high level of expertise and engineering that goes into the production of every Shatterprufe product. As the leading Nationwide auto glass distributor Shatterprufe strives to deliver industry leading products and has a Lifetime Warranty to back their promise of quality.

Details of Shatterprufe’s Lifetime Warranty

Shatterprufe premium auto windscreen is manufactured according to the strictest Original Equipment Standards. Shatterprufe uses only premium virgin vinyl and all components are installed in a controlled environment.

Our windscreens are environmentally friendly as the black ceramic band paint does not contain any lead. All broken Shatterprufe windscreens are sent for recycling. Shatterprufe proudly bears these quality marks:


  • ISO TS 16949:2009
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • OEM Standards


  • ECE R43 (European E Mark)
  • USA ANSI Z26 (American DOT Mark)
  • SANS 1191 (SABS, Laminated Automotive Glass)
  • CCC (China)

This Warranty is applicable to Shatterprufe windscreen products only and is redeemable through any Shatterprufe Accredited Fitment Centre.

This is a Lifetime Warranty on delamination and bubbling.

Learn more about our fitment centres or get in touch with our call centre today for any queries related to insurance claims or additional information about PG Glass services.