Shatterprufe®, More than Car Windscreen Manufacturers

Shatterprufe® is synonymous with safety. We have been the premium windscreen manufacturer in South Africa since 1935 and it’s easy to see why we have become a household brand-name. We manufacture and distribute only the finest SABS approved, Original Equipment Standards car windscreen, rear glass and side glass products. Danger Is Out There – Keep It That Way.

Locate Shatterprufe® Fitment Centres

As the country’s leading windscreen and auto glass manufacturers, our auto glass products are used by professional fitment centres throughout South Africa. Trusted by the industry giants of auto glass fitment, Shatterprufe® provides you with the peace of mind and value for money that only exceptional quality affords.Find the nearest fitment centre that fits Shatterprufe and Armourplate products and drive away in confidence.

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Shatterprufe® will Keep You Safe

More than just car windscreen manufacturers, Shatterprufe® has developed exceptionally safe auto glass products for all your replacement requirements. Shatterprufe® windscreens are manufactured to fit over 700 makes and models of vehicle, adding a layer of security to each. Armourplate® rear glass and side glass is manufactured to fit over 3000 glass parts for different vehicles. Find out more about these auto glass products and how they safeguard you and your loved ones.

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Shatterprufe® Cares

We care about our nation and support eco-sustainable practises to limit environmental impact, while employing local labour to empower our economy. The ceramic ink used in our products is lead-free and accident damaged Shatterprufe® windscreens are recycled by PFG.

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Shatterprufe® products are proudly manufactured in South Africa and we will continue to fly our flag high. As responsible corporate citizens, Shatterprufe® is committed to the BEE transformation process and the creation of sustainable employment for all South Africans.

We have grown into the largest nationally based windscreen and auto glass supplier in South Africa and an exporting powerhouse. Read more about how Shatterprufe® achieved this status.

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